Saturday, June 6, 2015

Paul's Rocky Ridge Station

Paul Zimmerman sent me this picture of E. L. Moore’s Branch Line Station that he built in N-scale a number of years ago. He used shirt cardboard for the project and it looks good built with that classic material. Cardboard is far more economical than balsa given how ubiquitous it is around the house. Each week our recycle bin is filled with lots of different types. I think Paul got the colours to match Mr. Moore’s description quite closely, 

Since I like green I painted my station a faded green, diluting with thinner; the inside of the office is an undiluted green. Window trim and the doors are boxcar red, and the doors have a yellow trim. The platform, roof and freight room interior were given a wash of raw sienna in turpentine, which is about what I would call "natural".
[E. L. Moore concludes his Branch Line Station article, from the April '64 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman, with some painting instructions.]


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    1. It captures the charm of an E. L. Moore piece. Thanks for sending it to me.