Friday, August 8, 2014

EVRR on the cover of Jan '59 Model Trains

As I read my way through old issues of Model Trains, I continue to find new pieces of the E. L. Moore story. Back in the Legacy series post on the Elizabeth Valley Railroad I noted that Mr. Moore commented in the introduction to the January '62 Model Trains article, Let's build a mountain, that  he "had well over a hundred letters requesting track plans of my 4 x 6-foot railroad as the result of photographs published in MODEL TRAINS", but didn't mention in which issues they appeared. It may have been January '59. As well as the cover shot, the Stop look and listen photo section is dedicated to the Elizabeth Valley Railroad with two large photos: an overview shot that later appeared in Linn Westcott's HO Primer that was published in '62, and the second shot is an even larger, double-page photo of a completely scratch-built HOn3 train - except for the "Concord box car" as noted in the accompanying text.


  1. JD - Seems like we read in the same circles. That very issue of Model Trains and the HO Primer are both in the 'reading room'. My collection of Model Trains is incomplete...but I really enjoy the issues I've got. And the HO Primer was actually great help in building the Central Valley Old Timer cars on my workbench. Mr. Moore is certainly well covered in this fine publication.

    Say...didn't Kalmbach have plans to release the Model Trains, GMR, MRP, special issues, etc. on DVD-ROM?

  2. Hi Galen,
    I'm quite impressed with Model Trains magazine. I've heard about it for a long time, but only started to read it after I started on this E. L. Moore series. I think the only DVD-ROM with Model Trains articles on it that Kalmbach published is their 'Special Issue and Archive Collection'. It contains a selection of articles from Model Trains dealing primarily with trackplanning. There are a number of Linn Westcott articles included. The only quibble I have with it is that a number of the articles have red pencil annotations that seem to refer to what contributors should be paid for the various articles and photos. For a digital archive I would have thought they would have tried to find cleaner copies. I'm hoping that over the course of the coming year I can obtain the complete set of Model Trains issues.